How to Cancel Ring Subscription

If you're considering canceling your Ring subscription, it's crucial you understand the steps and implications involved. You can manage your subscription either through the website or directly via the Ring app. It's straightforward to navigate to the subscription section and opt to cancel your plan.

However, before you make your final decision, you should consider the timing of your cancellation—whether you want it effective immediately or at the end of your billing cycle.

What's more, you might be wondering about potential refunds or how to handle the videos you have stored. Let's explore what you need to know to handle this smoothly and effectively.

Understanding Your Subscription

Before you cancel your Ring subscription, it's important to understand the various plans and what each offers. The Ring Protect Subscription is integral to maximizing your smart home security.

Depending on the Ring Protect plan you choose, features can vary greatly. If you decide to cancel your Ring subscription, remember that any refund for unused portions depends on the specific terms of your plan.

Importantly, once you cancel your Ring, all stored videos will be deleted permanently. To avoid losing any important footage, make sure to download any videos you wish to keep before proceeding with the cancellation. This step guarantees you don't lose valuable data from your Ring devices.

Steps to Cancel on

If you're ready to cancel your Ring subscription, start by logging into your account at Once logged in, navigate to the subscription management section and select the Protect Plan you want to cancel. Scroll down the page until you see the 'Cancel Plan' option. Click on it.

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Next, you'll need to select a reason for cancellation. You can choose to end your subscription either immediately or at the end of your billing cycle. Make your selection based on what's best for your needs.

Cancellation via Ring App

You can also cancel your Ring subscription directly through the Ring app on your mobile device. Start by signing in, then head to the Dashboard and tap on the Settings (gear icon).

From there, select 'Manage Subscription' to access your Ring Protect plan options. Choose the plan you wish to cancel and follow the on-screen instructions carefully. You'll need to confirm the cancellation and provide a reason for ending your subscription.

This process is straightforward and designed to make sure you feel supported every step of the way. By handling it directly in the Ring app, you maintain full control over your subscription choices quickly and efficiently.

Ending Your Subscription on Amazon

To cancel your Ring subscription via Amazon, first log into your Amazon account and navigate to Your Memberships & Subscriptions.

Here, you'll find the Ring Protect plan you want to cancel. Simply click on Cancel Subscription next to your chosen plan. You'll be prompted to confirm your decision to cancel.

Once confirmed, your subscription will end, and you'll no longer be billed through your chosen payment method.

Reviewing Refund Policies

Understanding the refund policies for your Ring Protect subscription is essential before you initiate a cancellation. If you decide to cancel, know that refunds for any unused time on your annual plan are prorated. Similarly, if you're on a monthly plan, you'll receive refunds for unused days.

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It generally takes up to 10 business days for the refund to be processed and credited back to your payment method. If your original payment card isn't available, you'll need to get in touch with your financial institution.

Also, remember to download and save any recorded videos from your smart home device, as these will be permanently deleted once you cancel your subscription. They can't serve as a backup source after cancellation.

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