How to Share Google Form

When you're ready to share your Google Form, you've got several options depending on your specific needs. If you're looking to collaborate on the form's design or content, you can directly share it with others by assigning them editing rights. Simply go into the settings, add the email addresses of your collaborators, and decide whether they should have the ability to edit or just view the form.

However, if your goal is to gather responses from a wider audience, generating a shareable link might be your best bet. You can adjust the link's settings to control who can view or complete the form, ensuring that only the intended audience participates.

Now, while these steps sound straightforward, there are a few nuances in the process that could have a significant impact on how your form is received and interacted with.

Creating Your Google Form

Why not start by creating your Google Form tailored with all the necessary questions and settings to meet your specific needs? You can customize it with various question types like multiple-choice, short answer, or paragraph responses.

Once you've added all your content, preview your form to confirm everything looks right and works smoothly. When you're ready to share, you'll have several options. Sending it directly through email confirms it reaches your intended recipients' inboxes.

Alternatively, generate a Google form link or a URL that you can distribute or even embed on a webpage. This flexibility lets you control how and where your form is accessed, streamlining the collection of responses.

Setting Up Access Permissions

Once you've created your Google Form, you'll need to set up access permissions to control who can view or edit it.

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To share a Google Form and grant Editor access, navigate to the File > Share > Share with others dialog box in Google Forms. Here, you can add the email addresses of collaborators whom you want to grant the ability to view and edit.

You've got the flexibility to customize these permissions based on your preferences. If you prefer broader access, select the option to share the form link with anyone on the internet.

This setup streamlines your collaboration efforts, ensuring that managing your Google Form is efficient and tailored to your project's needs.

Sharing via Email

To share your Google Form via email, click on the 'Send' button within the form. After clicking, you'll need to enter the email addresses of the recipients you want to share the form with. You'll also have the option to choose whether these recipients can only view and submit responses or if they can also edit the form. It's important to decide the right level of access based on your needs.

Additionally, you can include a personalized message in your email. This helps clarify why you're sending the form or any instructions you might want to add. Recipients can then access and fill out the form directly from their email inbox, making it a seamless process for gathering information.

Generating a Shareable Link

After sharing your Google Form via email, you might also want to create a shareable link to reach a broader audience. To generate this link, click the 'Send' button on your Form and select the option to share via link.

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This allows you to share your form with anyone, even those without direct email invitations. Adjust the sharing settings so anyone with the link can fill out the Form without needing to sign in. You can restrict the link to limit editing rights, ensuring participants can only view or respond.

Using ExtendedForms Add-On

For a more tailored sharing experience, consider using the ExtendedForms add-on with your Google Forms. This tool boosts your sharing capabilities by allowing you to customize invite messages, add your branding, and set time limits on responses. It integrates seamlessly, making it a breeze to enhance the functionality of your Google Form.

Whether you're setting up a quiz for your classroom, conducting an online survey, or creating forms for professional use, ExtendedForms provides the flexibility you need. You'll find that it's especially useful for making your forms look more professional and ensuring they reach the right people at the right time.

Give ExtendedForms a try and see how it transforms your form sharing process.

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